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Photo of the Month

It might sound strange but I love photography because I am a writer. I love the way that it offers, as one takes the pictures, the live opportunity -  or the leisure afterwards - to observe in finer detail things you might otherwise overlook. This common lizard was at Lightwood in Buxton, part of a large community of the species that loves to emerge on late-summer afternoons to bathe in the direct sunlight. This indidual had a little scrofulous bonnet of old skin at the back of its head that indicated how freshly it had moulted. Look at the tiny raised bumps of its flank scales which, at maximum magnification, have a plasticised and manufactured appearance. In other images you can see the razor-like serrations on its toes and palms that enable some of lizards to rest vertically on the upright fence parts, as if they were glued to it. Above everything, however, photography provide a simple joyous motive to be in intimate connection with something so strikingly other.

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